VeriCon Ingenieurs is an allround, constantly innovating building engineering company.

We design, draw and calculate structures for a wide number of markets and engineer (prefabricated)structures and building services.

By working with advanced calculation and drawing software, we are able to elaborate structural data much more clearly than a manufacturer traditionally would. This way we integrate our work with work preparation tasks and we are even capable to create links to ERP systems and manufacturing and construction partners from our 3D models, by which we create a high degree of efficiency.

We like to make an economical and efficient viable structural design with an eye for architecture, users and the use of environmentally responsible materials. Our base is a sound structural design which meets the legal standards and requirements. Our broad field of interest and enthusiasm for sustainable, harmonious structural design, where innovative solutions are integrated and promoted, make that we see a challenge in every assignment.

For more information about our business and the markets in which we operate, we refer to services on this website.

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