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Working at VeriCon, the innovative engineers for construction.

VeriCon is an innovative, ambitious, versatile engineering for building and constructions. We work for all players in the construction of a large variety of projects. We do this with an enthusiastic team of employees involved in an open and independent working atmosphere their knowledge and expertise to the projects add. The work is performed with a wide range of advanced calculation software and drawing and modeling is done almost exclusively in 3D.

In order to achieve our ambitions, we need skilled and enthusiastic people. To ensure a good match between you and VeriCon candidates, after a first positive meeting, are invited for an interview with the project manager. All this to achieve a good match!

VeriCon offers a pleasant, informal and open work environment. Personal growth is very important and we therefore facilitate various training opportunities. Within our flat organizational structure there’s a free and independent working atmosphere.

For more information call +31 40 295 4200. Unsolicited applications with curriculum vitae and short motivation can be send to

The following jobs are available: