working method

innovation and development
By innovating, we are able to efficiently add our expertise to the construction project. We work with advanced 3D models so all building partners can work with the same information and we develop clear structural data with more details than usual for a constructor, resulting in all thinkable price advantages.
Any changes can be made quickly and easily.
The 3D models of VeriCon can be linked to ERP systems and production at construction partners to achieve a high degree of efficiency. We will constantly keep on developing with our construction partners.

applying innovative integration
With our expertise a construction project can be phased traditionally where we design, draw and construct reliable and clear building structures and engineer (prefabricated) construction and building services.
However we aim to integrate all the knowledge and skills within the construction team in order to make a combination of activities possible.

The structural data can be elaborated to a level at which it can be used in pricing and by the time the construction phase starts, many questions and hiatuses have been resolved.
Applying this innovative integrated approach facilitates the smooth progress and execution of the construction process.

result and solution oriented collaboration
The optimal result is expressed in quality, budget and planning. Collaboration is key within the project and also within our office.
Our/the project manager is the link between the project partners and VeriCon. He exchanges clear and solution oriented information and guides the professional project team, ensuring budget and planning are monitored, creating the possibility to excel in quality.

If these possibilities trigger you, please feel free to contact us. Jos Hoonhout will be glad to tell you more about this.
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